Mold Making
Molds fabricated from your drawings
Molds fabricated from your part sketches or other concept descriptive information
Fabrication processes include CNC machining or EDM machining to solid models generated with or converted to SolidWorks with machining codes generated by CAM software
Molds fabricated from various hardened tool steels, hardened stainless tool steel, or if desired, 7075 aluminum
Extrusion Die design and fabrication
Plastic Extrusion
Forty foot Cooling Channel with Chiller
Servo Pulling Machine
Automatic Length Cutter
CNC Machining of metal parts
CNC Machining of plastic parts
Screen Printing
CNC Engraving
Rubber Stamp Marking to aerospace requirements
Injection Molding
Eight Injection Molding Machines including all electric, hydraulic, and foam molding
All Commodity Resins including Flexible PVC
Engineering Resins
High Temperature Resins
Metal Replacement Resins
Extensive Mechanical Assembly Capabilities
Wide Range of assembly tooling
Product Development
Experienced with most resins
Engineering Resins
High Temperature Resins
Commodity Resins
Solid Models and other drawings developed with SolidWorks from your concept information
Prototypes produced with 3D Rapid Prototyping or CNC machining
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